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What is customized webware?

Customized webware

What is customization? Many people who are looking for opportunities to develop their website or webshop wonder this. Customized software is completely custom-built software. For web shops and websites, this means that you decide what is built. This allows us to optimize the whole for the application. In contrast to customization, there are also standard themes with which you can easily build a website. If you compare the making of a webshop or website with building a house, the differences become more clear.

Building with customization

With customization, all details and properties can be determined by the builder. This enables us to build any part as desired. This basis can be expanded endlessly and is also scalable.


Standard themes can be compared to a construction kit. All parts have already been determined in advance and there are limited possible end results. Additions will have to adhere to the predetermined rules of the theme. As a result, modifications and extensions are often more difficult and more expensive to implement. It will also contain unused parts that reduce performance. Especially with web shops this has a negative effect on the conversion.

Updates & maintenance

Both require regular updates and maintenance. With customization, the consequences of this can be easily predicted and potential problems are often easy to solve. With standard themes, you are at the mercy of a third-party developer who issues updates. This does not take into account your specific website or webshop. Unfortunately, it often happens that the whole becomes unusable.


It is indeed true that the initial costs of customization are higher, but the benefits are so great that a standard theme is not a good investment in the long term. If the goal is to grow your business, why choose a webshop or website that can’t?

Curious what customized webware could look like?

Take a look at some of our projects!

Culture hub


Museum Tijdschrift is the online platform for everything art and exhibitions.

Personal blog


Lifestyle blogger Cynthia writes personal articles on a wide variety of topics.

Sanitary giant


A user-friendly webshop with thousands of products. Easy to manage thanks to smart content builders.

Fintech & Factoring


Finqle is a progressive provider of (American) Factoring. With creative apps, Finqle makes this originally unwieldy service simple and fast.

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