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for marketing bureaus

We take over technical development for our partners. This allows you to focus on the parts you are good at. We like to build long-term partnerships in the field of:


User experiences are highly dependent on design. We design with a focus on user stories.

  • UI/UX
    The user experience is paramount in modern design. We also provide technical advice on existing designs.
  • Branding for web
    A strong brand is of great added value. Epicode likes to update or set up corporate identities.


Epicode is a specialist in developing websites, web shops and web apps. Take advantage of our streamlined process.


  • UI/UX Design
    Well-functioning Tools are user-friendly and easy to manage regardless of the complexity of the application.
  • Headless WordPress
    Separated the front and back-end, we develop a CMS that can be connected to a front-end via API.
  • React development
    ReactJS is a front-end library with which we develop fast and user-friendly interfaces. Major advantages are: speed, modular construction and simple management.

Managed Hosting

Partner with Epicode

At Epicode we focus on (technological)development. Many of our partners are self sustaining with regard to graphic designs but lack the technological knowledge and capacity resulting in expensive or limited services. Thanks to our knowledge and way of working we can offer our services for a challenging price.

Tight planning

Clear terms and direct insight into all your projects through your own dashboard.


Our partners can always rely on our experience when it comes to technical challenges and the latest developments.


All essential systems are secured and managed by ourselves.


Partners with Epicode can trust on a tight planning and clear terms. We work in an Agile system en share all our activities in Sprints

A sprint with us is a week wherein we test and complete activities from the sprint backlog. Most of the time we can complete tasks within a week, since we are able to review activities within that same sprint. Another benefit is that Epicode works with a development environment wherein we can test live without influencing the product-applications.

An Agile way of working has many more benefits on our cooperation, such as:

  • Quick production;
  • Clear planning;
  • Grip on expenses;
  • Easily shift activities;
  • No downtime.

Knowledge transfer

Our Partners have unlimited access to our knowledge base. Many detailed information about maintaining WordPress and Woocommerce can be found here. Furthermore you can find articles that can be used as reference for the partner proces. Our customers and those of our partners take alot of benefits from our shared knowledge. We believe in a transparant way of working wherein we only focus on the technical part of a project.

What we stand for.

Ease of mind

Make use of our experience. We stand for clear terms and high quality service.

user friendly

For front and backend
  • Easy to maintain
  • Always expandable

affordable tailored software

For a truly unique website
  • Our efficient development proces minimizes redundant costs.
  • Lightweight applications with high performance coding.

Quick and scalable

Ready for the future
  • Application specific optimizing
  • Servers and cloud storage are always upgradable.

24/7 support

Your own project manager
  • Direct lines and clear terms
  • Insight in projects through our client portal.

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