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Welcome to Epicode

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We offer clients customized development in WordPress and Woocommerce solutions, among others.

Versatile development solutions: from temporary support to complete project outsourcing.


Have you ever had an idea for a product that you were confident would be a great success, but you didn’t have the time or technical experience to create it yourself? Maybe you already have a business with a great marketing department, but you need someone to turn that department’s creative ideas into concrete web pages? At Epicode we specialize in creating user-friendly online products and platforms.


Tools of the trade

Our developers use the latest technologies and industry trends to build websites that are not only beautiful, but also fast, responsive, and easy to navigate. In addition, we provide peace of mind because your website meets the highest standards for security and reliability, so that you and your customers are assured of a safe transaction.

Meet the team

We are Epicode

The core of Epicode is formed by a group of driven developers with an eye for detail and a love for creativity. Meet the talents that make Epicode what it is!

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Back-End developer
Full-Stack developer
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Dedicated specialists with demonstrable experience

A custom website offers you the opportunity to integrate your vision and personality into the design, which can help to strengthen your brand and increase recognisability.

From experience, we believe that a website is an important part of your brand identity and that it is important to invest in a website that is fully adapted to your needs.

Collaborate with Epicode

  • You get your own development team
  • Together you determine which specialists you need
  • With a flexible team we can quickly respond to marketing opportunities
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  • How much does it cost to build a custom website or online store completely from scratch?

    Good question! The answer to this depends on quite a few variables, such as the visual design, links with external parties, functionalities to specifically support the business to business market and a large number of other aspects.

    As a rule, building a custom website starts at a starting price of +-5,000 euros, depending on whether specific options need to be added, this amount can rise to +- 20,0000 euros.

  • How long does it take to build a website?

    It is also not possible to give an unequivocal answer to this question: this also depends largely on the complexity of both the design and the technical functionalities. Whatever has an influence; Is there already a design or corporate identity, or does this still need to be designed?

    On average, you can take into account that a lead time of 3 to 6 months is realistic.

  • Do you also offer maintenance?

    Certainly! We carry out maintenance for all our customers, bug fixing is a standard part of this. We also continuously monitor the accessibility, speed and functionalities of all our websites to ensure that your site always works optimally.

  • Can you also provide hosting?

    Certainly! We provide full-service hosting for all our customers. We work together with reliable hosting partners with a proven track record and data centers in Amsterdam, among others. We have access to the server at all times and can therefore always monitor traffic and take immediate action in the event of any disruptions or attacks. This allows us to keep any downtime to an absolute minimum.

Our customers

We believe that a custom website is the best investment for the future of your business and we are ready to help you realize your vision. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you build a custom website from scratch that meets your needs.

Brand management specialist

VIM Group helps major players to implement and manage their brand worldwide.

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Sanitary giant


A user-friendly webshop with thousands of products. Easy to manage thanks to smart content builders.

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High performance beauty products

Lo Care

Durable essentials for considerate living. LO CARE is an Amsterdam beauty brand committed to creating durable essentials.

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Party supplier

Globos Europe BV

The demand from consumers and the government for plastic-free party decorations is growing, we are responding to this demand as much as possible to provide more innovative products.

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Hearing protection

Shush Earplugs

Ceramic material ensures the most reliable sound reduction without deviation. The smooth surface and the venturi shape guarantee a natural and clear sound.

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Product development partners


Work with our expert engineers to develop your idea into a clear concept and ensure that your end product is produced, shipped and ready in a short time.

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Verhuur van led-apparatuur


Spectaculaire creatieve toepassing van LED? Een zakelijke presentatie waar zeer hoge resolutie vereist is? Wij helpen u aan de juiste oplossing!

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Product design label

Van Tjalle en Jasper

Duurzame interieurproducten met focus op slim design, eenvoud en effectiviteit. Ontworpen en geproduceerd in Amsterdam. Het assortiment bestaat uit lampen, kandelaars en wandplanken.

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Onafhankelijk onderzoek naar nieuwe geneesmiddelen met behulp van vrijwilligers

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Eco vriendelijke treinreizen vanuit Nederland door de mooiste landschappen van Europa

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Transform your idea from an abstract vision into a beautiful, working product .

We love development and would love to work with you on a great project! Partner with Epicode today.