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Corporate and content heavy

NykampNyboer becomes VIM Group

We were asked to make a new website for corporate brand specialists NykampNyboer, part of their own rebrand to VIM Group. Based on an in-house design, we developed a multilingual and SEO optimized website with many different types of content, each with a unique content builder.

Content that weighs a ton

Performance is key

VIM Group is a major player, with large customers, expertise in many areas and online visitors from all over the world. All this means that the website must offer space for a lot of content: pages, products, news and blogs, cases, locations and events. By means of multiple content builders and smart optimizations, such as automatic image compression and lazy loaders, we have been able to create a fast-performing website. It also helps that we have a hefty server reserved for them!

The work speaks for itself

High-profile cases

We developed several content builders for VIM Group, but a very extensive one for cases: with images, videos, interactive infographics, quotes and text, an editor can now easily design an attractive case. Everywhere with a nod to the circular corporate identity of VIM Group. In addition, cases include useful section navigation and related content.

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VIM Group

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