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The challenge

Souman Agro is an online retailer of agricultural products. Where many other players in this market serve their customers through old-fashioned channels, Souman Agro opts for a modern approach. You even order per ton or pallet via the webshop, which are delivered to your door by truck.

Different for every user

Complicated shipping costs and tiered prices

Variable shipping costs based on province and graduated prices at product category level instead of product level. In short, for Souman Agro we had to implement quite complicated price calculations. By cleverly expanding WooCommerce, we have made this flexible and as easy as possible.

Prefer not to order online?

Easily request a competitive quote

Because online ordering on this scale is quite unique in the market, this will take some getting used to for some visitors. We have developed a quotation tool to accommodate the user in this regard, but still relieve the Souman Agro sales department. With this you can indicate exactly what you need on your smartphone and you will quickly receive a competitive quote in your mailbox or you will be called with advice or questions. It’s that easy!

WooCommerce with a lot of customization ensured a seamless implementation of complex price calculations
Lennart Back-End Developer

Unique in the market

Souman Agro, forage and bedding

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