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A unique platform

Museum Tijdschrift is the art magazine in the Netherlands and publisher of the most complete exhibition agenda at home and abroad. However, the online platform was dated and poorly optimized for smartphones. Time for a redesign!

What should the platform be able to do?



The exhibition agenda and overview of museums and galleries must be clear and filterable.


Museum and gallery owners must have an interface in which they can register their location and exhibitions themselves.


In addition to news reports from the art world and unique reading material, the platform also offers previews of articles from the physical magazine.


A complete webshop must be integrated in which subscriptions can be taken out and in which individual issues can be viewed and purchased.

Find a museum quickly?

Extensive filters

With these flexible filters you can completely personalize the overview of exhibitions and museums. No idea where to start? Museum magazine gives you tips on the most controversial exhibitions of the moment. Results are always displayed in a people-relevant order and automatically uploaded when you reach the bottom of the page.

Beautiful at any size


In contrast to the old platform, the renewed Museum Magazine is ready for any screen. Thanks to a smart focus point tool in the back, the relevant part of the image always remains in the picture, which is handy when it comes to art.

User generated content

Management environment for museums

Register as a museum or gallery and manage your location and exhibitions yourself. Through this working method, the exhibition agenda has grown into the most complete in the Netherlands. All content remains curated by Museum Magazine, so the end user will only see professional museums.

Epicode understands our business and the lines are short. The products delivered are satisfying and we still work together.
Henk van de Wal Publisher

The art platform in the Netherlands


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