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The challenge

How do you stand out in a busy market with major players? The challenge was to pour the extensive range of Douchezaak into an easy-to-navigate web shop. A store with a sleek look that feels familiar and friendly. It is immediately clear to visitors why Douchezaak is the right choice.

Project timeline

Technical partner

Shower business is founded by a number of befriended entrepreneurs. Epicode has been involved in the project as a technical partner from the start.

Shower store 2.0

After a few years, the decision is made to take the next step. The webshop is getting a complete makeover of both the front and back, completely customization.


We develop with the latest tools and techniques, with the aim of creating a user-friendly and scalable webshop for both customer and administrator.


Shower store 2.0 comes online!

Further development

A website is never finished. The scalable set-up makes further development and integration easy: we linked with Google Shopping and made it possible to settle orders directly via

Order in the chaos

Navigate and search quickly

Douchezaak is brimming with products and categories, but smart navigation and an informed search function save the day. The order and content of the navigation can be fully managed, for a clear menu structure and a clear sitemap. Looking for that one product? The search function thinks along with you and provides suggestions.


Easy checkout

For Douchezaak we converted the unwieldy WooCommerce checkout into a clear step-by-step plan. That way you know exactly where you stand.

API integrations

Seamless links

To improve conversion and SEO, we have linked the WooCommerce API with Google Shopping and, among others. In addition, you can easily subscribe to Mailchimp newsletters, leave your reviews on The Feedback Company and you will see a personalized offer via a custom Retail Rocket integration.


A surprising load of good deals in sanitary

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