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Simple and fast

Factoring by Finqle

Factoring doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. At Finqle you do not pay any start-up costs, costs per invoice or settlements afterwards. We pay 100% of your invoice minus our factor fee directly to your account. So you will not be faced with any surprises. That is so nice!

Targets for Finqle

Goal focused development

Business-like, consistent and clear, but always playful design with a lot of interactivity

Build appealing and informative pages for different target groups

In a busy market, findability through SEO optimization is a must

Finqle is connecting more and more foreign customers, so the website must be multilingual

Playful but clear

The design

Finqle makes a cumbersome service simple and fast with creative apps and that must be reflected in the design. We therefore used angled sections, lots of icons, micro animations and a lot of interactive elements.

User friendly

Pivoting navigation

For Finqle we implemented a technically challenging navigation. As long as you stay in the menu, the navigation does not close, but moves with where you are in the menu. This way the focus stays on the menu and you won’t be bothered with repeating open / close animations. Each submenu is also different: designed to facilitate the content instead of the other way around.

With Epicode as Development bureau we are able to make fast changes
Erik-Jan Klinkenberg Co-founder & CEO

Transparent earnings model

Immediately an indicative factor fee

On the website you can calculate an indicative factor fee, so that you know where you stand. Based on your turnover, invoice value and payment term, this calculation tool immediately shows you what amount you will be paid within 24 hours if you use Finqle’s services.

Butter with the fish

Invoice send today, Paid tomorrow.

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